I am an illustrator in conflict, I love drawing fashion but I also love drawing food! Traditionally people don't imagine these two things sit together that comfortably.  However, when I draw the approach I use to both is always the same; I favour a hand drawn line with a light watercolour effect. 

Until recently my linework has been achieved by hand, but now, I am producing illustrations using the digital tools at my disposal. I am spoilt for choice these days...sometimes I'll start on the i-pad pro and then finish up my day covered in colourful inks! Perhaps it is this chameleon type approach that has seen me work with a vast array of clients.

I've been lucky enough to work for Red Valentino in Italy, Ralph Laurent in Kuwait, Chanel, Kate Spade, Hoppers, Trishna, Agent Provocateur in Selfridges, Linley of Belgravia, Harrods, Wiatrose Food Illustrated and many more.