Live drawing A5 Illustration


Missed out at an event? Order your own A5 portrait (post event) here.

You can upload your photo(s) now. Or email them later to The higher the resolution the better. Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf & png. 20mb max file size.


Please note these A5 drawings are not digital and have been hand drawn. Therefore the style is slightly different to my other work I offer. You may have been directed here post live event if, unfortunately, I have not had time to capture you in real life. To draw you in your finery please ensure I have a picture of you all dressed up. I will base my illustration on this picture NOT a combination of photos.  Please also note these will be no rough draft, the final colour illustration will be mailed out to the recipient and no changes/revisions or returns are permitted.

The price is per one A5 illustration, these can be posed individually or as a couple. No more than two people to be drawn in one illustration.

*Note: Illustrations arrive UNFRAMED